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Five guests have a conversation with someone with whom they had, or wished to have, a strong connection. The twist: that someone is dead.

Using Cutting-edge digital technology, Adam Fowler has produced five episodes of Unforgettable. Colin Johnson talks to his grandmother Maya Angelou. David Temple has an imagined conversation with his late brother-in-law, Derek Jarman. Rodnell Collins has a conversation with his uncle Malcolm X. Filmmaker Tony Garnett talks to the late Mary Whitehouse. Robbie Stamp chats to his business partner and friend Douglas Adams. As he does, the conversation can take unexpected turns, occasionally leading to some emotionally charged interchanges, as living voices engage with those preserved in the archive.

Assistant Producer on Unforgettable was Philippa Geering, freelance Audio Producer.

Rodnell Collins

Rodnell Collins recording his ‘conversation’ with his uncle Malcolm X


Colin Johnson and Adam Fowler

Colin Johnson and Adam Fowler from Overtone Productions recording for the programme Unforgettable

“A first, a treat”

       Tim Adams, The Guardian

“It sounded utterly real”

       Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph


       Kate Chisholm, The Spectator

“A weird idea – and yet it worked”

       Valerie Grove, The Oldie


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