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People have said some nice things about the programmes Adam Fowler and Anna Scott-Brown have made over the years…


BBC Radio Four

BBC Radio 4 programme – Producer: Adam Fowler

 “Adam Fowler is a weaver of dreams…….
these “dialogues” had depth and poignancy. Pure radio.”

Gillian Reynolds, The Sunday Times

BBC Radio Four
Letting Go of James

BBC Radio 4 programme – Producers: Anna Scott-Brown & Adam Fowler

“A remarkable programme… Glad to broadcast this on Radio 4.”

Gwyneth Williams, Controller of Radio 4

bbc_radio_2-svgVietnam Notebook

BBC Radio 2 programme – Producer: Adam Fowler

 “Brilliantly produced by Adam Fowler”

Martin Hoyle, Financial Times

A Sovrrqq1qrund Fix

Prison Radio Association Programme

 “Highly effective and unusual… Gripping and engaging radio”

Sony Radio Academy Award judges

BBC Radio FourRemembering Millie

BBC Radio 4 programme – Producer: Anna Scott-Brown

“A truly wonderful, moving, uplifting programme”


BBC Radio FourThe Loneliness of the Goalkeeper

BBC Radio 4 programme

“A perfect little programme”

Russell Davies, Speechification

BBC Radio FourBuilding the Fortress

BBC Radio 4 programme

“Intimate and touching”

Phil Daoust, Guardian

BBC Radio FourTwin Sisters, Two Faiths

BBC Radio 4 programme

“A wonderful programme… We really ought to shout about
the best things we have”

Mark Damazer, Radio 4 Blog

BBC Radio FourThe Spirit of Jazz – Something Understood

BBC RADIO 4 programme

“A really eloquent and moving programme”

Geoff Winston, London Jazz blog

BBC Radio FourThe FBI at 100

BBC Radio 4 programme – producer: Adam Fowler

“imaginative production by Adam Fowler”

Gillian Reynolds, Telegraph


We’ve won the occasional award…

2012 Jerusalem Awards

 “An intensely moving story, sensitively told”

Anna Scott-Brown’s programme Remembering Millie was one of three finalists in the 2012 Jerusalem Awards ‘Long Form’ category. The event was held at BAFTA, home of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. This is what the judges said about the programme:  “an intensely moving story, sensitively told”.

The Sandford St Martins Trust

The Sandford St Martins Trust Awards

“Spiritually uplifting, heartbreaking and heartwarming”

In 2010 The Sandford St Martins Trust’s prestigious PREMIER Award for Radio was given to Anna Scott-Brown‘s: Twin Sisters Two Faiths. The Chair of the radio judging panel, Rabbi Roderick Young described it as “spiritually uplifting, heartbreaking and heartwarming” and praised the use of different music traditions to highlight its themes.


Third Coast Radio Awards

“Beautiful… Kinda blew our minds”

Adam Fowler’s The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper was DIRECTORS CHOICE at the Third Coast Radio Festival  in 2010. The award was presented by US legends Jad and Robert from Radiolab They said this ‘beautiful’ programme “kinda blew our minds”.


Sony Gold Awards

“powerful use of the medium in a highly effective and unusual way”

Adam Fowler won the coveted Sony GOLD in 2010 for: A Sound Fix, in the Community Award category. The judges remarked on the “powerful use of the medium in a highly effective and unusual way”.


New York Audio Festival Awards

Overtone Productions‘ The Maha Kumbh Mela won a Gold award at the New York Audio Festival in 2014. We also picked up a Bronze in 2015 for Malcolm X in Oxford.

New York Festival's Best Radio Programme bronze award

New York Audio Festival Awards

Anna Scott-Brown has also done well at the ‘New Yorks’ with a Bronze in 2010 for Twin Sisters Two Faiths, and a Silver in 2012 for It’s My Story: Letting Go of James.