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Gillian Reynolds – Audiophile

Her love affair with the radio began about 50 years ago. In Gillian Reynolds – Audiophile, the presenter and radio critic of The Telegraph Gillian Reynolds gives a fascinating review of the radio. But it is more than that: it is also a review of the life of a nation. Starting with legendary voices of World War II  via the BBC Gulf War station to the latest American podcast sensations, and including brand-new interviews with Gillian Reynolds’ contemporaries, this programme produced by Simon Elmes gives an intriguing insight into the far-reaching changes that radio – and the world – have undergone in the last 50 years.


“Her very personal love letter to radio…”

“Reynolds’s love for radio crackles out of the set.”

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian

“Making this programme has strengthened my conviction
that radio/audio thrives because it’s nimble,
adaptable, reactive, imaginative.”

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph