Audio Documentaries and Features

Sound Design

Overtone can compose sound-beds for your production tailored precisely to the mood, tone, pace and purpose of your work.

You are then free to use them on your website, as part of your podcast or film, and anywhere else as often as you like without further payment or permission. Email Overtone Productions for rates.

Below are some examples of our sound designs:



Drugs awareness campaign

This is part of a campaign we produced  to raise awareness of the very serious risks
posed by synthetic drugs, otherwise known as ‘Legal Highs’.




A sound bed for a radio programme

Conversations on a Bench

We created this sound-bed for our BBC Radio 4 programme, Conversations on a Bench using location recordings…..

….and wove it with this poem specially written for us by Michael Symmons Roberts.

We then composed an eerie piano part to accentuate the changing mood of the piece…….

…..and to meld the poetry with the location interviews.




A Nepalese mule bell and a child’s voice

And here’s what we can do with a mule bell from Nepal and the voice of a four-year-old saying ‘Yeah’.