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Unforgettable reviews!

Today, a big shout-out to all the reviewers of our second series of Unforgettable. We are overwhelmed by the feedback from the press so far, thank you!

And in case you missed the series last week, you can tune in to the BBC4 iPlayer. Enjoy!

“If proof were needed that radio will survive the onslaught of the new digital technologies, 
then series like Radio 4’s Unforgettable should clinch it.”  The Spectator

“Adam Fowler is a weaver of dreams. Every early afternoon last week, Radio 4 featured another five of his uniquely fabricated conversations with dead people in Unforgettable. On Monday, Geoff Posner, her long-term TV producer, talked to Victoria Wood (1953–2016). How’s it done? Fowler mines the BBC archive for snatches of speech that appear to answer specific questions. In Posner’s case, they were about Wood’s determination to be truthful in script and performance. On Tuesday, Adrian Laing, barrister, “asked” his father, the psychiatrist RD Laing (1927-89), about family life and the basis for his controversial therapy. And so on, through the week, people searching for answers from those they knew personally or professionally, all in 15 minutes. They don’t know what the “answers” are going to be, but these “dialogues” had depth and poignancy. Pure radio.”  The Sunday Times