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Overtone Around the World

Follow Producer Philippa Geering and Presenter Dr. Keon West, to India, Germany, Senegal and around the UK in their quest to understand different cultural attitudes to nudity. Ride with Producer Gill Davies and Presenter Will Grant in Cuba on the trail of Che Guevara as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban’s death. Return to the USA with Producer Adam Fowler and Presenter Tharik Hussain to assess the first few months of the Trump Presidency through the experiences of American Muslims. Travel to Russia with Producer Adam Fowler and Presenter Caroline Wyatt to commemorate the centenary of the  Revolution. Listen to the public pianos being played at St Pancras Station in London with Producer Sophie Sparham. And take a seat in Edinburgh, Manchester and London with Presenter Anna Scott-Brown and Producer Adam Fowler for more Conversations on a Bench. Read more about our Upcoming Programmes.