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Before the end of 2017, Overtone will be taking you to Cuba, Senegal, India, America, Russia, Germany, Scotland and England. Stay tuned!


America’s Mosques Revisited

BBC World Service
Transmission Date
TBC – Presented by Tharik Hussain
Produced by Adam Fowler

Tharik Hussain revisits America’s Mosques in the light of Trump’s first months of Presidency.

America's Mosques

Photo by Tharik Hussain
















The Benefits of Nakedness

BBC World Service
Transmission Date TBC  – Presented by Dr. Keon West
Produced by Philippa Geering

Clinical psychologist Dr. Keon West explores the global rise in naturism. No longer seen as a cultish fad of the 70s, it is increasingly gaining ground around the world, not only in Europe and the US, but also in countries such as Senegal and India.

Brighton Naked Bike Ride 2015

Photo copyright Sini Manner



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