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Philippa Geering nominated for Whickers Award

We arPhilippa Geeringe delighted to announce that our very own Philippa has been nominated as one of the 2019 finalists of the DARA (Documentary Audio Recognition Award). The winner and runner-up of the DARA will be announced on the evening of Thursday 5th September at the Regent’s Street Cinema as part of Open City Documentary Festival. Book your tickets here:

The Documentary Audio Recognition Award grants an annual prize of £3,000 to a completed radio documentary, and a runner-up award of £1,000. So do join us in wishing Philippa the best of luck!



Can being naked in public be good for you? Dr. Keon West explores the good and bad of shedding your clothes.

Dr Keon West and Philippa GreeningPhilippa Geering is a freelance audio producer whose clients include the BBC, Audible, 7Digital and Overtone Productions. She is currently working on a variety of projects, from modern slavery to the Rwandan arts scene.

Judge Roger Graef said: “The Benefits of Nakedness is off the wall in the great tradition of Alan Whicker himself. Funny, insightful, globe-trotting – with an unexpected reach into the parts normally kept hidden.

Read Phlippa’s blog as she reflects on this unusual human experience HERE and listen to the programme HERE.





The Whickers were established in 2015 to fund and recognise original and innovative documentary. We seek to use the generous legacy of our namesake, pioneering broadcaster Alan Whicker, to support emerging film and audio documentary-makers in the production of authored programmes and to recognise exceptional audio that has already been broadcast. The Whickers are comprised of three annual awards: the Film & TV Funding Awardthe Radio and Audio Funding Award; and the Documentary Audio Recognition Award.