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Return to Catalonia: Your feedback

We are always so thrilled to read your emails and social media messages, do keep them coming! Here are a selected few you sent about the Return to Catalonia programme:


“I wouldn’t have believed it would be possible to have so many interweaving streams of sound … the effect was to create something in three dimensions.”

“Intricate, delicate – a work of art in its own right.”

“Incredibly sophisticated.”

“Terrific piece of work – very moved listening to it and the emotional labour involved in making this work.”

“So beautiful. I listened to it walking along the beach, and hoped my tears were disguised by the rain.”

“Just utterly perfect.

Congratulations to all for making it happen.”

“Whatever I can say won’t do it justice.

It’s incredibly moving, and creatively inspiring.

Thank you. We so need these stories told.” 

“It was a stereo headphone kind of programme.”

“Fascinating account of history told through object work
in sites of trauma and the discovery of a means to
“create a ritual and a sense of return.”

“A very powerful way to protest.”

“Thank you for such a powerful and interesting programme…”

“Painting with sound!”

“Your broadcast moved me greatly.”

“It is such a beautifully produced piece. “

“Loved the sound, the whole vibe..,


“Wonderful, inspiring, so moving.” 

“Marvellous. Utterly beautiful.”

“Truly incredible.”

“So moving and so brilliant.”

“This extraordinary BBC Radio programme.”


Thank you.