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Hurricane Bells

BBC Radio 4
Transmission Date Tuesday 13th November 2018, 11.30am
Repeated Saturday 17th November 2018, 3.30pm
Presented by Peter Shenai
Produced by Matthew Teller and Adam Fowler

People need stories – but climate change is remote from us. How can we make climate change human? Where’s the story in atmospheric disruption? Step up British artist Peter Shenai, who is embarking on a new collaboration with atmospheric physicists studying ocean weather. Shenai wants to model the shapes of hurricanes, and then reproduce those cones as a series of bells, each one telling the tale of the lives it uprooted. We follow Peter as the first hurricane bells are cast in bronze & then struck – including a special one: Katrina. And in New Orleans we hear the reaction of residents to the surprising music which results.



3d mapping of Hurricane Katrina

3d mapping of Hurricane Katrina, prior to making landfall at New orleans, coutesy Peter Shenai and Dr Carlo Corsaro




Seeing Unseen Children

BBC Radio 4
Transmission Date Monday 12th November 2018, 11.00am
Produced by Anna Scott-Brown

In Seeing Unseen Children we hear the unheard stories of parents labelled abusers by society and the courts. Powerful, and sometimes unsettling stories open a window onto lives not normally represented on Radio 4.




Conversations on a Bench: Series 3

BBC Radio 4
Transmission Date tba
Presented by Anna Scott-Brown
Produced by Adam Fowler

Overtone commissions another three poets to write around the stories gathered by Anna Scott-Brown as she sits with strangers on benches around the UK.




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