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The Art of Now: Return to Catalonia

Anglo-Spanish artist Sonia Boué charts an artistic journey that sees her retracing (in reverse) the exile of her father José María Garcia Lora, upon leaving Spain during the Civil War. Partly in response to the current unrest in Catalonia we end up in Barcelona, a seminal place of memory for Sonia and whose fall in January 1939 signalled the defeat of the Second Republic and precipitated some half a million refugees to the Catalan border with France.

We chart her journey as she makes her artistic response and navigates her own family history, capturing the processes by which she unravels the complex emotions and memories the unrest in October 2017 revives within her, and exploring her Spanish identity.



Presented by Sonia Boué
Produced by Anna Scott-Brown
Sound Design by Adam Fowler
An Overtone production for BBC Radio 4
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